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The architecture

The new Zeezicht building has been designed in a classic seaside resort architecture, featuring some modern accents. This Noordwijk style perfectly fits in with Noordwijk aan Zee’s carefully described image quality plan, which will bring a new impetus to the Noordwijk seaside resort architecture. This “Noordwijk style” is characterised by richly detailed roofs and dormer windows with various wooden accents in the facade. Upright windows and bay windows have given the building a rich allure. This refinement and small scale has been combined with light-coloured materials with meticulous detailing. Zeezicht has been built using creamy white bricks, with a roof made with reddish brown nuanced ceramic tiles. White wooden fences and trusses accentuate the various different sections. Bay windows and dormer windows, as well as the large variety of windows have resulted in a very lively facade.


Zeezicht has a total of 24 hotel apartments and a restaurant and swimming pool with views across the sea on the ground floor. The plinth has been covered in hard stone, in order to emphasise the entrance to the hotel. The main entrance to the spacious apartments has been deliberately separated from the hotel and is located on the side of the apartments, on the dune side.


The new Zeezicht boasts an extraordinary design, the building effectively combines a hotel and residential function. This mixture of hotels and dune villas has always existed in “the South”. Now these functions are being beautifully combined in the new Zeezicht and designed in the characteristic and architectonic Noordwijk style.


As a Noordwijk architectural agency, we are convinced the new Zeezicht perfectly fits in with, or is indeed an enrichment to, the seaside resort of Noordwijk aan Zee. The building exudes a rich atmosphere and has been carefully embedded in between the existing dune villas. The apartments are located at a unique location in the dune and at a mere stone’s throw from the beach and the sea.


  • Optimal enjoyment in a unique location
  • Fantastic views
  • 1 minute walk from the beach
  • Amsterdam, Leiden and Schiphol all within easy reach