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Villa Zeezicht

Zeezicht, originally built in 1952. Back then it was known as Hotel Zeezicht, founded by grandma and grandad Van der Zalm. The hotel was completely renovated in 1973 by mum and dad Van der Zalm and the rooms were converted to apartments, Zeemotel Zeezicht. We, Wilko and Patty Van der Zalm and our daughters Demy and Pam, will be opening Villa Zeezicht together in 2019. An apartment hotel located in the most beautiful spot in Noordwijk.


Villa Zeezicht is located in a quiet villa district in the dunes, just a minute’s walk from the beach and a mere five minute walk from the village centre. Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht and other large towns are also very easily accessible.


All apartments have been tastefully furnished and equipped with all modern conveniences. The views are out of this world. The west side boasts beautiful views across the sea. The villa district, the south dunes and the sea can be seen on the south side. And the north side offers fantastic views across the sea, the whole of Noordwijk and even towards Lisse!


All our guests can look forward to optimal enjoyment with the cosy bistro, the sunny terrace and the refreshing swimming pool. The Van der Zalm family has been offering its guests a lovely, friendly holiday for almost 70 years.


  • Optimal enjoyment in a unique location
  • Fantastic views
  • 1 minute walk from the beach
  • Amsterdam, Leiden and Schiphol all within easy reach
The architecture
The architecture The new Zeezicht boasts an extraordinary design, the building effectively combines a hotel and residential function. This mixture of hotels and dune villas has always existed in “the South”. Now these functions are being beautifully combined in the new Zeezicht and designed in the characteristic and architectonic Noordwijk style. Lees meer
Renovations Hotel Zeezicht was first built at the Pickéweg 20 in Noordwijk in 1952. The building was renewed and modernised in 1961. The first 8 apartments were realised in 1968/1969. Zeemotel Zeezicht opened up in 1974 with 32 luxury apartments. Wilko and Patty took over Zeezicht in 1999. The hotel will once again be opening its doors in January 2019 after some major renovation works. Lees meer
The family
The family Piet van der Zalm and Willy van den Berg first got to know each other in 1932. They married in 1934 and had 7 sons together. They had Hotel Zeezicht built in 1952 with a total of 19 hotel rooms, on top of a dune top, which was Pickéweg 20 at the time. The building has been modernised little by little and Zeemotel Zeezicht opened in 1974 with 32 luxury apartments. Lees meer
Bungalow for the hotel (1958)
Bungalow for the hotel (1958)
Wil and Ineke engaged
Wil and Ineke engaged

About the architect

KVDK | Korbee van der Kroft Architecten BNA is an architectural firm that works enthusiastically on a wide variety of assignments. Characteristic of our working method is the investigative, realistic and open approach to the various tasks.

Villa Zeezicht